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#     1AC521
#1AC521 17x15mm stone 14k gold $2,202.00
* Average 14k weight 14 Grams
18k gold $3,083.00, 10k gold $1,762.00
Silver $599.00
Shown with green onyx.
Shown with Engraving #521
Nike Holding Wreath.

#     1AC521 Wax
Wax impression made by pressing the stone into hot sealing wax to better show engraving detail. This wax was made with the stone before it was mounted in the frame.

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#     1AC521 Inside
Inside view of our ring #1A.

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Three week delivery! Full money back guarantee. See our FAQ for details.

The original engraving was described in a museum catalog as: Carnelian scaraboid - Nike, Goddess of Victory, holding a wreath. She wears a chiton, a himation, and a sakkos. The head is in profile; there is an attempt at a three quarter view of the body; one foot is in profile, the other frontal. about 460-450 B.C. 13mm. Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.
Heraldica's Mythological Men's Ring Collection

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