SUMMER 2020: Any prices shown may be inaccurate due to fluctuating gold prices due to the COVID crisis. Please contact us for current prices. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a full money back guarantee. You must return the jewelry unused within seven days after you receive it, and must send it by Express Mail or Federal Express (the same way we send the order to you).

Or, if you prefer, you may simply send it back to correct something that you find not to your liking. If this is the case, please call us to discuss the problem.

Gold buying service: Can I send in old gold for credit?

Yes, we are not in the business of buying gold, but we'll take your old gold jewelry as part payment for your new jewelry up to the amount of your purchase. We pay 95% of the actual value of the gold content of your old gold jewelry, based on the price of fine gold the day you tell us to go ahead. You can find out the current price of gold by calling HSBC Bank gold window at +1 212-525-5574.

Note that pure or "fine gold" is 24k. The actual gold content of 14k gold is 58.5%. The actual gold content of 10k gold is 41.7%. The actual gold content of 18k gold is 75%.

Can you engrave my family crest on a ring I supply?

Yes! Because our engraving is done by hand, just the way it has been done for centuries, and not by casting, we are able to engrave on your own ring. There are a few ways we can do this.

First, if you have a plain gold or stone ring that is in good condition, we can simply engrave your crest directly into it. The charge is $450 for a gold ring or $550 for a stone ring.

Second, if the ring is not in good condition for engraving as it is, we can add a gold plate to the top to make the engraving possible. Obviously, there would be an extra charge for the gold and jewelry work required. To learn more about this option, please see our Ring Hospital. You may then send us the ring for an evaluation and price quotation with no obligation.

Please call us at 1-800-782-0933 or +1 212-719-4204 for more information that can transform tired old jewelry into a fresh exciting family heirloom.

Can I send in my family crest for engraving?

Yes, again because our engraving is done by hand, we are able to engrave your family crest faithfully, without any alterations. This is, in fact, the best way to have the ring made.

Are your rings cast or die struck?

Our rings are high quality, very dense castings totally free of porosity to permit a highly detailed engraving. Our rings are always cast in one piece for whatever finger size is required, assuring that there is no seam in the ring. This is unlike die stamped rings which are struck as a flat piece of metal that is then bent into shape to make it into a ring and soldered at the bottom.

Can you engrave the motto below the crest?

Of course, and at no extra charge. Keep in mind that if it is more than ten or twelve letters, it will be so small that it may not be legible to the naked eye, though you may be able to read it with a loupe. Engraving the motto will also reduce the size of the crest.

Do you engrave the family name below the crest?

We advise against it. It is not “proper etiquette” to do so because the name is not part of the crest. Also, like a motto, it makes the crest itself smaller and throws the engraving off center. We recommend instead that we engrave the name inside the ring. Under no circumstances should you engrave both name and motto.

What is the delivery time?

About three weeks.

Do you engrave only in 14k gold?

No, we engrave on 10k, 14k and 18k gold, also on sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Do you engrave anything other than family crest?

Yes, we engrave any emblem or logo of any kind submitted to us. We also engrave monograms.

Are your rings suitable to make wax impressions?

Yes, this is indeed what these ring were used for in the past. When your ring is finished we will send you a wax impression made with it as a permanent record of the engraving. Today, of course, these rings are used primarily as jewelry.

Do you engrave in reverse for sealing?

Yes, just ask for “reverse engraving”. The wax impression is, of course, a mirror image of the engraving.

I have a wax impression of a ring that was made before. Can I send that to be used as a mold for the new ring?

No, your wax cannot be used as a mold; however you can and should send it to us so that we know what we should engrave on your ring. All of our jewelry is made by hand engraving, so your wax will simply be used as an example by our engraver.

Will you send us a family history with the ring?

No, we do not deal in family histories or genealogy at all. We are fine hand engravers engaged in producing beautiful engraved rings of heirloom quality.

How do I know you will use my authentic family crest?

If you or someone in your family has a copy of your family crest, you must send a copy of it. When you send us a copy of the crest to be engraved, the question is moot, we are simply engraving what you gave us to engrave.

If you do not have a copy of your family crest, we will send you a heraldic report, based on our extensive reference library, or you can research it yourself in a large public library or on the Internet.

However, you must understand that what we will find, or indeed what you yourself will find is a crest that was granted in the past to someone with your name, not necessarily a crest that belonged to your ancestors. The only thing that we can do is to match a name and a crest.

There is no genealogical representation intended or implied.

You may also choose to design your own crest using the instructions here.

How may I pay for my order?

If ordering directly from Heraldica, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You may also send full payment in advance by check or money order.

Can I order over the Web?

Our jewelry is not an off the shelf product, it is completely made to order! This is why we do not have a shopping cart on our web site! This site is intended only to give you as much information as possible. We prefer that you order by Fax, Postal Mail or E-mail (but don't send credit card information in your e-mail). In any event, very often you will have to speak to us to make sure we have every detail about your order or you may need to send us a wax impression, copy of the crest, etc.

How are orders shipped?

All jewelry is shipped by Registered Mail, Express Mail or Federal Express.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Unless law or our shipper's rules prohibit it, we can get your jewelry to you, wherever you are.

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